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Children in Wedding Services

Children and  dogs are unpredictable If you are thinking of having young children in your wedding party, here are some things to think about, and plan ahead for: Learn the personality of your little niece. Perhaps she is so shy she may not even make it down the aisle! So many little children have found all those ‘tall grown ups’ on both sides of the aisle very intimidating. It is wise to plan ahead […]

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Wedding Vows: Tips and How to Write your own

On this day of all days, be your authentic self. It’s very important that your vows are honestly who you are, and express your true personalities. How to even start? My first suggestion is always to review samples of other vows. Collect a few that you like -no, not twenty- that will be your beginning point. Narrow down your samples to your shared core values and your favourites. Almost everyone can agree that a […]

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Benefits of More Intimate Weddings

Is bigger always better? Not necessarily in the world of weddings. Here are our top 7 reasons that may convince you to shrink your budget – and your guest list.   1. A smaller wedding is easier to plan. Enjoy the advantages of lower stress, smaller to-do lists, fewer meetings with vendors and -often times- a smaller budget.Imagine, less RSVPs to track down! 2.  Top of your list, your highest priorities. If you are […]

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Jennifer and Jeff’s McLean House Garden Wedding

  As a Toronto Wedding Officiant, it’s always a treat for me to perform a wedding in the private and artistically landscaped garden of McLean House on the properties of The Estates of Sunnybrook. It was even more of a treat, to be hired by Jennifer and Jeff for their McLean House Garden Wedding. In addition, Jennifer and Jeff knew that they wanted a very personalized and unique wedding ceremony. For this reason, they […]

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Top 5 Tips to Find the Best Wedding Vendors

Watch out for tempting cash only deals… Let’s be honest, a wedding can get expensive quickly. Some wedding vendors may offer you a “pay in cash” deal that seems like a great bargain at first.  With no contract to guarantee their services, you are taking a big risk! This is the one day you will want etched in the fond memory bank of your being for the rest of your life so please […]

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The Ritual of Unity Candles at Weddings

This ritual is originally from traditional Catholic wedding services, but has quickly become modern and very popular with the blends of multicultural elements and different religions. Lighting unity candles at weddings is a beautiful ritual and can be very adaptable for almost any wedding situation. The passage read by the Officiant can be from religious vocabulary or more non-denominational in tone. Even better is to write something that beautifully expresses the uniqueness of […]

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